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Amazing violin Stradivari copy Ref:V6G

R25,000 negotiable (Make me an offer!)

Excellent violin with deep, rich, resonant, mature, well balanced powerful sound. Very easy to play. Suitable for professional work of a very high standard. We bought this violin from a small workshop in Bulgaria. It appears to be of east European or Chinese origin. The owner of the shop did not disclose where the violin comes from, and there is no certificate of authenticity. However, the violin is unmistakably hand made by a very skilled maker. Scroll, corner work, purfling are all superbly executed.




Violin made by P Petkov in 2011 (SOLD)

Orders for violins by this maker are accepted. Price to be confirmed on request.

This very good violin has the perfect balance between beautiful craftsmanship and fine acoustic properties.
The back is from two piece well flamed Balkan maple. The front is from two piece finely grained Balkan spruce.
The wood had been left to dry naturally for 11 years, before the violin was built.
This violin was commissioned by us, and the maker made a particular good effort to produce an outstanding violin.
It`s sound is full bodied and round, well balanced in all registers.
This is the third instrument from this maker, we have the pleasure to offer for sale, and all of them were consistently good.
The violin comes with certificate of authenticity from the maker, and it is presently in Cape Town.

Violin - P PetkovViolin - P PetkovViolin - P Petkov




Violin made by Josef Peshef in 1982 (Curently not for sale)


This violin is a fine soloist instrument. Everyone who had played on this violin describes its sound with one word - huge.
It is an exceptionally beautiful violin: the two-piece back, ribs and scroll are of well-flamed maple with a distinct wide curl. The top is of fine grained tone spruce. Purfling and corner work are very well executed. The varnish is of a beautiful reddish brown colour that greatly enhances the beauty of the materials.
The violin has been in possession of the leader of one of the Bulgarian orchestras, who sold it to us after his retirement.
Regrettably this would probably be the last violin we would ever have from this famous Bulgarian maker as his instruments became of a high demand after his death. This violin does not have certificate of authenticity from the maker, but we can guaranty its origin. The violin is presently in Durban.

Violin - PeshefViolin - PeshefViolin - Peshef