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Cello (No Label) Ref:C16G This cello is in Cape Town at the moment.


This cello is beautifully made and joyous to play on. It has gorgeous, strong, full and resonant sound. Simply amazing!

It comes with basic soft case and good new bow. It is fitted with Pirastro Perpetual A and D string and Spirocore G and C strings.

The set of strings alone cost over R4000.

Please click on the audio sample below to listen to this excellent sounding cello! Please use headphones for best audio reproduction!


Cello (No Label) Ref:C15G (SOLD)

R55,000.00 Neg.

This is a beautiful cello I bought from small workshop in Bulgaria. It is made from selected best tonal European wood, naturally air-dried for over 10 years. The cello has a mature sound one would normally find in much older and more expensive cellos. The cello is very responsive and very easy to play. It projects very well in a big hall. All my colleges from our cello section who tried this cello describe its sound as resonant and pleasantly powerful. The cello comes with Spirocore Chrom C and G and Jarger medium A and D strings. After experimenting with many different makes of strings, I think this combination is the best for this cello.

I have been using this cello for my professional work with KZNPO since I bought it. I enjoy the deep and resonant base register as well as the powerful, yet round sound on A string. Overall, the quality of the sound of this cello is excellent! Basic soft cello bag, and a new very good carbon fiber bow are included in the price.



Cello made by P Petkov in 2009 (SOLD)

Orders for cellos by this maker are accepted. Price to be confirmed on request.

This cello is very easy to play. It has a velvety sound and very good projection. It`s two-piece back is of Balkan maple, with a distinct and attractive flame. The ribs are made from the same wood. The top is of fine to medium grained Balkan spruce. It is varnished in very attractive dark honey brown color with antiqued finish. This cello comes with certificate of authenticity from the maker. This cello is presently in Cape Town.

Cello - PetkovCello - PetkovCello - Petkov