Cello Bows for sale


Cello bow Carbon fibre


This is a best quality carbon fiber cello bow. Master craftsmanship, great performance, stiff but flexible, perfect balance, superb responce, very easy to use.

Size:Cello4/4 Length:716mm Weight:80+-2g Mounted:Sterling Silver Frog Slide:Abalone Shell Frog Eyes:Parisian Eyes Shape:Round Hair:Top Mongolia Horse Hair

Carbon fiber bows are great! I use one myself for my professional work as cellist. I love it! I would never go back to a wood bow. I prefer my carbon fiber bow to the R30000 Pfretzschner I have.


Cello Bow




Cello bow stamped H R Pfretzschner


This is an excellent cello bow, made in Germany around 1950. This bow is in immaculate condition.

Cello Bow Pfretzschner - frog cello Bow Pfretzschner - point